Add OIDC Provider Setup Permission to Roles

An administrator can create a new role with the OIDC Provider Setup permission, or modify existing roles to add the permission. Then these roles can be assigned to users as needed. For more information about creating or customizing roles, see:

OIDC Provider Setup Permission

The following permission can be added to roles as appropriate.

OIDC Provider Setup:

  • Enables users to configure the audience for NetSuite as OIDC Provider applications.

  • Is primarily for administrators or roles with Core Administration Permissions (CAP). For more information about CAP, see Core Administration Permissions.

  • Requires two-factor authentication (2FA).


The OIDC Provider Setup permission does not allow management of OAuth 2.0 authorized applications in NetSuite accounts. To manage the authorized applications, users need the OAuth 2.0 Authorized Applications Management permission. For more information, see Set Up OAuth 2.0 Roles. See also Managing OAuth 2.0 Authorized Applications.

To add permissions to a role, go to Setup > Users/Roles > User Management > Manage Roles. Select a role to customize. On the Permission tab, Setup subtab, choose the permission from the list and click Add.

For more information, see Assign Users to Roles with the OIDC Provider Setup Permission.

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