Soft Credits

Use the soft credits feature to recognize constituents who helped bring in a donation. With a donation, only the donor constituent who makes the payment is credited for a donation. With soft credits, multiple constituents can be given credit for a donation. Nonprofit organizations can view the soft credit amounts in the giving history and giving pattern of a constituent. The following are some examples in which soft credits can be used:

The soft credit feature is part of the Constituent Relationship Management feature. The feature also provides the option of either splitting the soft credits amongst multiple constituents or giving full credit to all the constituents.

You can apply soft credit to a transaction only if the Revenue Type custom segment is set to Donation.

Soft Credits Permissions

The following table lists the permissions required for the Soft Credit custom record by various roles:


Soft Credit Custom Record Permission

NFP EM A/P Clerk


NFP EM A/R Clerk






NFP EM Controller


NFP EM Grant Administrator


NFP EM Program Manager




Applying Soft Credits

You can apply soft credits from pledge order, cash sale, or invoice transactions. If the soft credit is applied to a pledge order, the same soft credit is automatically applied to the invoice generated from the pledge order.

To apply soft credits:

  1. In a pledge order, click the Soft Credits subtab.

    You can also open the Soft Credits subtab from a cash sale or an invoice.

  2. From the Constituent column, select the constituent.

  3. In the Amount column, enter the amount of soft credit that you want to apply to the constituent.

  4. Click Add.

  5. (Optional) To add more constituents, repeat steps 2 to 4.

  6. Click Save.


Click Split Equally to split the soft credit equally amongst the selected constituents. Click Full Credit to All to apply full soft credit to all the selected constituents.

The soft credits applied to a constituent display in the Soft Credits sublist of the Giving Statistics subtab of each constituent record.

Applying Soft Credit to Spouse or Partner

If a constituent makes a donation, you can apply soft credit to the constituent’s spouse automatically if the Enable Full Soft Credits To Spouse/Partner box preference is checked.

To enable applying soft credit to spouse or partner:

  1. Go to Setup > Company > General Preferences.

  2. In the Custom Preferences subtab, check the Enable Full Soft Credits To Spouse/Partner box.

  3. Click Save.

For applying the soft credit automatically, the relationship label must be Souse/Partner.

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