ACH Payments

The ACH Payments feature makes the Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment method available for the My Account and the Checkout flows in SuiteCommerce, SuiteCommerce MyAccount, and the 2023.1 release of SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) and later.

Enabling ACH Payments for the Checkout flow along with My Account offers merchants a complete solution by minimizing risk associated with lost and stolen checks, reducing administrative cost, and elevating security for customers.


This topic discusses the benefits and the process of enabling ACH Payments on your website for your customers and is unrelated to ACH Processing. To learn about ACH Processing, see ACH Processing.


The Payment Instrument feature must be enabled to create ACH payment methods and for ACH payments to work on your Commerce website. See the Order Management topic Enabling the Payment Instruments Feature.

To set up ACH Payments for your Commerce website, you need to complete payment setup tasks in NetSuite. See Prerequisites for ACH Payments for more information.

The ACH Payments feature lets your Commerce website users perform the following actions:

The following topics provide helpful information about ACH:


The following limitations apply to the ACH Payments feature for Commerce websites:

  • Processing financial transactions through the ACH network is available only for accounts in the United States. For information about electronic payment options for other countries, see Supported Payment Formats and Electronic Bank Payments.

  • The ACH Payments feature for the checkout flow is not compatible with Site Builder or the 2022.2 release of SCA and earlier.

  • The ACH Payments feature is not compatible with the 2022.2 release of the SuiteCommerce Base Theme and earlier.

  • Under My Account, ACH Payments is only available for invoice payments. This feature is not available for standard checkout flows or sales orders initiated from quotes.

  • Within the Checkout flow, ACH Payments is not available for any sales order that was initiated from a quote.

  • The ACH Payments feature only works with the Base, Posh, Manor, Summit, and Threads themes.

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