Integrating NetSuite Connector with eBay

To integrate NetSuite Connector and eBay, authorize NetSuite Connector on your eBay seller account. The authorization is valid for one year. When the authorization expires, follow the same steps to reauthorize the account.

Authorizing NetSuite Connector on eBay Seller Account

If you have multiple eBay accounts, log out of all your accounts before connecting your account to NetSuite Connector. Also, if you are authorizing multiple accounts, make sure you log off the current authorized account before authorizing the next account.

To authorize NetSuite Connector on eBay Seller Account

  1. Log in to

  2. Select eBay connector and then select the relevant account.

  3. Go to Settings > Credentials.

  4. Click Authorize Account.

    The eBay website opens.

  5. Follow the instructions on the eBay website.

    You will be brought back to the NetSuite Connector page with a success or failure message. If you get a failure message, contact NetSuite Customer Support.

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