Importing Files from a NetSuite Account with SuiteCloud Extension for Visual Studio Code

You can import files from a NetSuite account to your project directly from VS Code. Note that you cannot import files from a SuiteApp.

To import files from the account:

  1. In VS Code, open the Command Palette and type suitecloud.

  2. From the dropdown list, select SuiteCloud: Import Files.

  3. In the dropdown list, select the path from where you want to import the files. For example, /SuiteScripts/.

  4. In the dropdown list, select the files you want to import to your project. For example, /SuiteScripts/File.js. You can select one, several, or all of them.

  5. Select whether to exclude all file properties within the .attributes folder.

  6. To confirm that existing versions of the selected files are overwritten in the SuiteCloud project, click Yes when prompted.

    A message with the result pops up.

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