Queue Number


This option is available only in accounts that have purchased a SuiteCloud Plus license.

By default, every import job is assigned to queue 1. To spread import processing across multiple queues to improve performance, users can select other queues from 2 to 5.

The queue number selected for an import displays in the Queue column on the import Job Status page. For information about this page, see Checking CSV Import Status.

If you would like to change an import's queue number during the time that it is in progress, you need to cancel the job and resubmit it with the new queue number.

Your queue number selection is preserved if the import is saved and rerun is the same account. The queue number is always defaulted back to 1 for a saved CSV import that is bundled, so that users in a target account where the bundle is installed can make their own queue selection.

For more information, see Use Multiple Threads and Multiple Queues to Run CSV Import Jobs.

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