Viewing the Details of Allocation Schedules

At any time you can view the list of allocation schedules and their respective details. Information provided about each allocation schedule includes the next day on which the schedule is run and name. It also provides the frequency of execution of the allocation schedule, duration of the schedule, and whether it is an Intercompany allocation schedule.

For allocation schedules based on monetary accounts, you can enter expenses associated with the schedule’s source and destination accounts for the specified period.

Details about a particular allocation schedule are accessible through the record.

To view a list of allocation schedules and their respective details:

  1. Go to Transactions > Financial > Create Allocation Schedules > List ( Administrator ).

  2. From the Allocation Schedules page, you can do the following:

    • Click New Allocation Schedule to create a new allocation schedule.

    • Click Edit next to the allocation schedule you want to modify or delete.

    • Click View next to an allocation schedule to view details about the record.

      From the record you can do the following:

      • Edit the allocation schedule.

      • From the Actions list, select New or New Intercompany Allocation Schedule/New Allocation Schedule.

      • On the Source subtab, click the name of the source account to view its Register.

        On the Destination subtab, click the name of a destination account to view its Register.

        On the History subtab, you can access the journal created from the schedule including any historical transactions, and any details specific to the allocation schedule. In the Detail column, click the link to access the Allocation Detail page, from which you can view the record that created the allocation, created journal, and related Register.

    • Define filters to control the allocation schedules that display in the list including those allocation schedules with remaining scheduled occurrences.

    • Click the Show Inactives box to refresh the allocation schedule list and display inactive schedules.

    • Click Style to view the displayed allocation schedules as a report or in a grid.


      Edit links are not available when the Report option is selected.

    • Click the print icon to print the list of allocation schedules.

    • Click Customize View to base the filters and displayed results for the allocation schedule list on a saved search.

      For more information, see Customizing List Views.

    • Click the Export - CSV, Export - Microsoft Excel, or Export - PDF icons to export the list of allocation schedules to a file.

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