Setting Routing Preferences

With Manufacturing Routing and Work Center, you can use the Show Planned Capacity on Work Orders preference to help manage work order planning. This preference lets production managers and planners monitor planned completion times for work order builds against work center capacity.

Setting this preference enables NetSuite to automatically create planned time entries when processing manufacturing work orders. When you use this preference, work orders display a new Planned Time subtab. NetSuite generates planned time entries showing the amount of time being allocated to each work center per day. The Planned Time subtab displays the duration of each operation and the associated work center. When you examine this planned time data, you can determine if the resource capacity is enough to meet needs, providing efficient manufacturing planning.


You cannot edit the generated planned times.

When you use this preference, NetSuite automatically recalculates planned time after each completion. For example, your process requires Operation 10, which produces a completed quantity of 30. Next, you report the completion of Operation 10 with a quantity of 15 and NetSuite recalculates the planned time for the remaining quantity.

To set routing preferences:

  1. Go to Setup > Manufacturing > Manufacturing Preferences.

  2. To display the Planned Time subtab on work orders, in the Production Exception section, check the Show Planned Capacity on Work Orders box.

    This preference permits NetSuite to automatically create planned time entries.

  3. In the Default Scheduling Method field, choose either Forward or Backward scheduling. Your selection appears by default in the Scheduling Method field on new work orders you enter. For more information, see Production Scheduling Methods Overview.

  4. In the Create Work Orders in Supply Planning field, select one of the following to define the default for supply planning work orders:

    • Do Not Generate

    • Generate in Planned Firm Status

    • Generate in Planned Open Status

    • Generate in Released Status

    Your selection defines the default status of new work orders generated by a planning engine run.


    If you use the Manufacturing Routing and Demand Planning features, note the following. A selection to generate orders provides the option to define production scheduling methods on work orders. For more information, see Supply Planning and Routing.

  5. Click Save.


You can activate the Planned Time subtab on work orders that were entered prior to using the Show Planned Capacity on Work Orders preference. To do so, open the work order in edit mode, and then save. The Planned Time subtab and planned time entries appear on that work order.

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