Namespace View

In the default view of the SOAP Schema Browser, the pane at the left side of the page lists all the records that correspond with the letter you selected in the A-Z index at the top of the page. Meanwhile, the center pane described details of one record. However, at times you may navigate to a different view, one that is specific to a particular namespace. This view includes:

This topic describes this view in more detail.

Summary of the Object

In the central pane, the SOAP Schema Browser offers a summary of whichever object you have selected in the pane at the left.

In some cases, this object is a record. For help understanding the summary of a record, see Summary of the Record.

If you have selected something other than a record, the exact details shown can vary. For example, the description of an enumeration shows all of its possible values. By contrast, an object such as ExpenseReportExpense, which details a single line in a sublist, is described in a table similar to that of a record.

Navigating to a Different Object

When in the namespace view, you may want to navigate to a different object in the namespace. You can do this using the tabbed list in the pane at the left. The following table describes each subtab.




All records and subrecords defined in the namespace


All search objects in the namespace


The namespace’s sublists, their child elements, and sometimes other objects


All enumerations in the namespace

After you click a subtab, the list of buttons at the left updates to reflect the category you chose. Select any button to see the summary of that object.

Navigating to the Namespace View

If you have navigated away from the namespace view and you want to get it back to it, you have the following options:

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