Default View

In the default view of the SOAP Schema Browser, the pane at the left side of the screen lists all the records and subrecords whose names begin with the letter you selected in the A-Z index, whereas the center pane describes details of one record. This topic describes a few highlights of the information you see in this default view.

Summary of the Record

The center pane of the default view is essentially a summary of information about one record.

Namespace Link

At the top of the page, directly below the name of the record, is a link to the namespace to which the record belongs.

If you click this link, the pane at the left refreshes to show a tabbed list of all objects in the namespace.

List of Fields

Data about the record’s fields is displayed in a table. This table includes the following columns:


You may notice that sometimes the Cardinality value for a field is 0..1, although the Required value is True. The reverse situation can also occur, in which Cardinality is 1..1 but the Required column shows a value of False. In these cases, typically you must meet the most restrictive standard and supply a value for the field.

Other Data

At the bottom of each record reference page, you can find the following:

Comparing SOAP Web Services, SuiteScript, and SuiteAnalytics Connect Exposure

To check whether the record you are currently viewing is also supported in SuiteScript or SuiteAnalytics Connect, click the Records Browser tab or the Connect Browser tab at the top of the page.

The Records Browser and Connect Browser tabs.

If the record is supported in SuiteScript or SuiteAnalytics Connect, you are directed to the corresponding page in the SuiteScript Records Browser or SuiteAnalytics Connect Browser. Otherwise, you are directed to the first page of the respective browser.

To compare record types support across SuiteScript, SOAP, and SuiteAnalytics Connect, see SuiteCloud Supported Records.

Navigating to Other Records

To navigate to a different record, select a different record from the pane at the left. If appropriate, use the A-Z index to refresh the pane so it shows a different list of records.

Navigating to the Default View

If you have navigated to the SOAP Schema Browser’s namespace view and you want to get back to the default view, click any letter in the A-Z index at the top of the browser window.

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