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The content in this help topic applies to SuiteScript 2.0 and SuiteScript 2.1.

NetSuite loads the util Object is loaded by default for all script types. You do not need to load it manually. However, you can choose to load it using the N/util Module, for testing purposes.


SuiteScript 2.x provides global objects including log Object and util Object. If you are using the words ‘log’ or ‘util’ as variable names in your SuiteScript 1.0 scripts and you have both SuiteScript 1.0 and SuiteScript 2.0 scripts running on the same record you will receive an error. Both the ‘log’ and ‘util’ words are reserved in SuiteScript 2.x. You will need to update your SuiteScript 1.0 scripts that use ‘log’ or ‘util’ as variables names.

util Object Members

The util object also includes the following utility methods:

For more details about the util Object and its methods, see N/util Module.

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