Default Web Services Integrations Record

If you use web services, your account includes an automatically generated integration record called Default Web Services Integrations. This record represents every request sent to your account that does not include data that identifies a specific integration record. Put another way, these requests do not include either of the following:

Such requests are permitted only if the request uses the 2015.1 or a previous endpoint. If the request uses the 2015.2 endpoint or later, the request must include either a 32-character application ID or token-based authentication details. Otherwise, the request is denied.

In some cases, a request may include an old application ID that was created by using a previous version of NetSuite. This type of request is also handled by the Default Web Services Integrations record. These requests are not permitted with the 2015.2 WSDL or later.

The Default Web Services Integrations record has many of the same qualities as an integration record that was created to track one specific external application. For example, the Default integrations record includes a SOAP Web Services Execution Log that shows requests and responses. The Default record can also be blocked. However, you cannot enable token-based authentication for the Default integrations record.

Exercise caution when editing the Default Web Services Integrations record. Before you create integration records to represent your external applications, this record represents all of your web services traffic.


For information about integration records in general, see Integration Record Overview.

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