Script Record Creation

After you have written an entry point script and uploaded it to the File Cabinet, you can create a script record for it. You must create a script record before you can deploy your script.

When you create a script record, you set some fields manually and the system automatically fills in other fields based on data in the script file. These automatically filled fields are described in the following table.

Field on the Script Record

Value Taken From

API Version

The @NApiVersion JSDoc tag in your script file.

Script File

The name of your script file.


The @NScriptType JSDoc tag in your script file.

Functions (on the Script subtab)

The entry points defined within your script.


Your script must be properly structured and validated before it can be used to create a script record. For more information, see SuiteScript 2.x Entry Point Script Validation.

For more information about creating a script record, see the following help topics:

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