SOAP Web Services Governance for Token-Based Authentication

When requests are sent by using token-based authentication, SOAP web services uses the following governance guidelines according to the earlier concurrency governance model. If you have a SuiteCloud Plus license and have been designated a concurrent web services user, you are permitted 10 concurrent requests. Otherwise, you are permitted one request at a time.

If you exceed these limits, the system returns the ExceededConcurrentRequestLimitFault. The corresponding error code is WS_REQUEST_BLOCKED.

According to the web services concurrency governance introduced in 2017.2, a single user using token-based authentication can send parallel requests up to the account limit, and the earlier web services user concurrency limits do not apply.


You can benefit from this option if the web services and REST concurrency governance is enabled in your account. To check whether the concurrency governance is enabled in your account, see the Web Services and RESTlet Account Governance Field on the SOAP Web Services Preferences page, at Setup > Integration > Integration Management > SOAP Web Services Preferences.

Additionally, the account limit is lenient, and it is possible to temporarily exceed the limit.

For detailed information about the changes in web services concurrency governance, see Web Services and RESTlet Concurrency Governance.

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