Accounting Period


This topic applies to all versions of SuiteScript.

When the Accounting Periods feature has been enabled, this record is available to SuiteScript.

In the UI, you access accounting periods at Setup > Accounting > Manage Accounting Periods.

For help working with this record in the UI, see Accounting Period Setup.

The internal ID for this record is accountingperiod.

See the SuiteScript Records Browser for all internal IDs associated with this record.


For information on using the SuiteScript Records Browser, see Working with the SuiteScript Records Browser in the NetSuite Help Center.

For information about scripting with this record in SuiteScript, see the following help topics:

Supported Script Types

The accounting period record is supported in all client and server scripts.

Supported Functions

Only search and read functions are supported.

Code Sample

          var period = record.load({
    type: record.Type.ACCOUNTING_PERIOD,
    id: '1'
var startDate = period.getValue({
var endDate = period.getValue({
    fieldId: 'enddate'


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