Working with the SuiteScript Records Browser

To access the SuiteScript Records Browser, use the following link:

Go to the SuiteScript Records Browser


When writing SuiteScript, you must use the IDs listed in the NetSuite Help Center. Although you can access the IDs by viewing page source on a NetSuite record, there is no guarantee that all IDs in the source code are supported in SuiteScript. If you create a script that references an unsupported or undocumented ID, and the ID is later changed by NetSuite, your script may break.

Not every field that appears in the SuiteScript Records Browser can be set using SuiteScript. Some fields are read only. You must check the NetSuite UI to know whether a field can be set. In general, if you can set a field in the UI, you can set it using SuiteScript. If you cannot set a field in the UI, you cannot set it using SuiteScript. However, you can still get the field's value using SuiteScript.

The SuiteScript Records Browser provides a summary of all records, fields, sublists, search joins, search filters, search columns, and record transformations that are supported in SuiteScript. Information about elements is displayed as a series of tables.

To find SuiteScript-supported records and IDs:

  1. Open the SuiteScript Records Browser.

    Only records that officially support SuiteScript are listed in the SuiteScript Records Browser.

  2. Click the record you want to reference in SuiteScript.

    You will see all IDs currently supported for the record.

The following table provides examples of objects and methods that use each type of ID:

ID Type

Object Examples

Method Examples

Field IDs

Sublist and sublist field IDs

Search join, filter, and column IDs

Transformation IDs

As you use the SuiteScript Records Browser, consider the following:

For more details, see the following topics:

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