SuiteCloud Processors

SuiteCloud Processors is the current system used to process scheduled scripts and map/reduce scripts. Before SuiteCloud Processors was introduced, scheduled scripts and map/reduce scripts were exclusively processed by scheduling queues. All scheduled script and map/reduce script jobs submitted to the same queue were processed on a FIFO (first in, first out) basis, based on the queue submission time stamp.

This system had several limitations. The scheduling queues did not provide automated load balancing or a way to prioritize specific jobs. Users with access to multiple queues (accounts with SuiteCloud Plus) were forced to manually determine the optimal configuration of jobs to queues. For the jobs that needed to be processed in a certain order, this method was useful but it created unintended dependencies among many of the jobs submitted. Any delay in processing one job would create a bottleneck. The result would be several jobs waiting in one queue when other queues were under utilized or not utilized at all.

SuiteCloud Processors resolves many of those limitations. A scheduler now automatically determines the order in which jobs start to process. The scheduler uses algorithms that are based on user-defined priority levels, submission time, and user-defined preferences. The result is increased throughput, reduced wait times, and the elimination of most bottlenecks. In addition, SuiteCloud Processors requires less user intervention and enables scheduled scripts and map/reduce scripts to start sooner.


Some features of SuiteCloud Processors are available only to accounts that have one or more SuiteCloud Plus licenses. For more information about SuiteCloud Plus, see SuiteCloud Plus Settings.

For additional information about SuiteCloud Processors, see:

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