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The Store Locator feature lets customers use your Commerce website to find physical store locations. Store Locator searches your NetSuite account’s location records and displays results near your customer’s location or any specified address.

See Locations Overview for information about the Locations feature. To set up location records for your stores, including address and business hours, see Creating Locations.

Besides locating a physical store where your customers can shop, Store Locator is helpful if the customer wants to pick up their ordered items from a store instead of having them shipped

Store Locator is available for SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) implementations of Commerce websites.


Store Locator uses the Google Maps API key. For this feature to work properly on your website, you must acquire an API key from Google. See Use API Keys on the Google Maps Platform for instructions.

The following topics provide helpful information about the Store Locator feature:

User Experience

After you enable the Store Locator feature, your Commerce website customers can:

  • View store locations as a list and on an interactive map.

  • View stores near their current location.

  • Search for stores near a specific address, city, or postal code.

  • Choose from a list of results to view information about a location, including address and business hours.

  • View a list of all stores.

  • Get directions to a particular store.

See the following sample Store Locator page:

Store Locator with Google Map Example

Customers access the Store Locator feature by clicking the Store Locator link in your website header. After the Store Locator page loads, customers can enable geolocation. If geolocation is enabled, Store Locator uses your customer’s current location as the search origin point from which to find nearby stores. Your customer can also enter a specific address as the search origin point.

Store Locator only displays specific locations based on settings you configure.


You configure your Commerce website to return stores located within 60 miles of the search origin point. The origin point can be an address entered by the customer or a point based on their location. You also set up your website to display the nearest three stores if no stores are located within the specified radius.

A customer searches for stores on your website using their current location as the search origin point. Store Locator displays store locations based on your configuration settings (stores located within 60 miles of the customer’s location). If no stores exist within this radius, Store Locator displays the nearest three stores ordered in ascending distance from the search origin point.


SuiteCommerce and SCA use the secure domain associated with the Checkout application to display the Store Locator. This is largely transparent to the customer, but the URL will reflect this. See Link a Checkout Domain with your Web Store.

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