Bin Management by Location

When you use the Multi-Location Inventory and Advanced Bin / Numbered Inventory Management features, note the following. You can enable bin management by location by setting only specific locations to use bins.

For example, you can set your warehouse and store locations to use bins to track inventory. You can also choose to not use the Advanced Bin Management functionality at your head office location.

Enabling Bin Management by Location

Identify which locations should use the Advanced Bin Management feature by checking the Use Bins box on the location record. For more information on setting locations to use bins, read Creating Locations.

When you use bin management by location, the list of available bins to select on transactions and forms updates based on the associated location.


When you check the Use Bins box, any existing item or new item with pending transactions is not placed in a bin.

These items must be manually reassigned to a designated bin using a bin putaway worksheet. For more information, see Bin Putaway Worksheet.

All pending items must be placed in bins using the bin putaway worksheet and there can be no pending inventory transactions for the location.

When you complete these tasks, NetSuite prompts you to enter bin information on all subsequent transactions.

Bin Management for Kit/Package Items

Kit/package components appear on fulfillment records based on your bin management settings:

  • For locations that use bins, fulfillment records display only kit components that use bins. You can enter inventory details to fulfill these components.

  • For locations that do not use bins, fulfillment records do not display any kit components.

For information about kit/package items, see Kit/Package Items or Updating Kits with Bins.

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