Advanced Bin / Numbered Inventory Management


The functions discussed in this topic require an administrator to enable the Advanced Bin / Numbered Inventory Management feature.

The Advanced Bin / Numbered Inventory Management feature is an enhanced version of tracking inventory in bins. This feature includes serial numbered and lot numbered items on a per-location basis.

The Advanced Bin / Numbered Inventory Management feature includes functionality that is not available in the Bin Management feature.

No Pre-association Requirement

Use bins on transactions without being required to pre-associate bins to items. This lets you put away items using the Bin Putaway Worksheet, even if bins are not associated with those items.

Use Bins for Serialized and Lot Numbered Items

When you also use the Lot Tracking or Serialized Inventory features, you can assign bins to serial numbered items and lot numbered items. To set one these bins as your preferred bin, see Lot, Serial, and Bin Numbering.

If you use basic Bin Management, you cannot associate serial or lot items with bins.

Use Bins on a Per-Location Basis

When you also enable the Multi-Location Inventory feature, you can use bins at only specific locations. For example, you can set warehouse and store locations to use bins to track inventory. You can also choose to not use the Advanced Bin Management functionality at your head office location.

If you use basic Bin Management, you cannot use bins on a per-location basis.

For more information, see Bin Management by Location.

Subtabs Available

Depending on the item type, item records show the following subtabs on which you can track on hand and available quantities:

Inventory Detail Subrecord


The inventory detail subrecord on item records display on-hand and available quantities in five decimal places, whereas it displays those on transactions in eight decimal places. If you want to get these quantities with eight decimal places from the inventory detail subrecord through scripting, saved search, or formula, use the Inventory Balance Search. Otherwise, you might get a mismatch between the quantity values.

A popup selector is available for choosing a bin for an item. Click the Inventory Detail icon on records and transactions to filter the bins list, choose a bin, and enter a quantity.

The Inventory Detail icon shows in one of two ways:

After you click the Inventory Detail icon, enter the following in the popup window:

The popup window includes filters to limit bin choices available for selection within a large set of bins. These filters include the following:

If the associated transaction adds to your on-hand inventory, the following filters also appear:

In the Inventory Detail popup window on bin transfers, you can also specify the originating bin and receiving bin.

Inventory Details for Inventory Status

When you use the Inventory Status feature, a Status field appears in the Inventory Detail popup window. Use this field verify or select the status for the items on the associated transaction.

Inventory Details for Serial and Lot Numbered Items

When you use serial or lot numbered items, additional buttons are provided in the Inventory Detail popup window.

When you click the Inventory Detail icon, you see the following options to enter multiple numbers at the same time:

The Inventory Detail icon is available on the following transactions when the feature is enabled:

Permissions for the inventory detail subrecord are inherited from its parent transaction. For example, to edit the inventory detail from a sales order, you must have permission to edit the sales order. For more information, see Standard Roles Permissions Table.

You must enable and set up the Bin Management feature to use Advanced Bin / Numbered Inventory Management with your inventory. When you enable the Bin Management feature, note the following:

For additional details, read Setting Up Bin Management.

For information about using SuiteScript with this feature, see SuiteScript Overview.

For information on using SOAP web services code with this feature, see Updating SOAP Web Services Code When Advanced Bin / Numbered Inventory Management is Enabled.

Bin Management Upgrade


If you also use both the Lot Tracking and Serialized Inventory features, note the following. It is very important to perform a bin management upgrade immediately after you enable the Advanced Bin / Numbered Inventory Management feature.

Any item that is lot or serial numbered and uses bins is not placed in a bin. These items must be manually reassigned to a designated bin using a bin putaway worksheet. To learn more, see Bin Putaway Worksheet.

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