Searching for and Viewing Files in the File Cabinet

From the File Cabinet page, you can view File Cabinet folders and files, as well as search for specific folders and files.

Searching for Files in the File Cabinet

To search for a file, enter a keyword in the Search box, and then click Search. A list of files and folders displays in the right panel. You can search based on keywords found in file names and folder names.

Search box on the File Cabinet page.

You can click a file name to view the file. If the file is an image file or PDF, a preview window opens and displays the file. Other types of files are automatically downloaded.

If you want to print a report of files saved in the File Cabinet, use NetSuite search pages. For more information, see Running Searches.

Viewing a File in the File Cabinet

You can view the files available in the File Cabinet.

To view a file in the File Cabinet:

  1. Go to Document > Files > File Cabinet.

  2. To view a list of files within that folder, click the folder name.

  3. To view the file, click the file name.

Viewing a File Attached to a Customer or Other Record Type

You can view files attached to a customer or other record type.

To view a file attached to a customer or other record type:

  1. Find the record where the file is attached.

  2. Click the Communication subtab.

  3. Click the Files sublist.

  4. Click the file name.

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