Permissions and File Cabinet Files

Users with the Administrator role and users with the Documents and Files permission can access File Cabinet files. For more information, see Setting Permissions.

Watch the following help video for information about permissions in the File Cabinet:

This is the second video in a 2–part series of videos about the File Cabinet. To watch the first part of the series, go to Working with Files in the File Cabinet.

This section includes information about how roles and permissions affect files and how to restrict File Cabinet folders.

To make images and other files available for all company users to view, check the Company-Wide Usage box on the file record. For example, the company-wide access permission makes images available to company users in printing templates, but does not permit unauthorized external users access to the image file. For more information, see Making a File Available to All Company Users.

If you use the File Cabinet to host website files, you will want those files to be publicly accessible. It is important that you check the Available Without Login box on the file record for all of those files. Files that do not have this box checked are not displayed on the website.


If both the Available Without Login box and the Company-Wide Usage box are checked, Available Without Login takes precedence.

Users with the Administrator role can make Web Site Hosting Files always available to override the Available Without Login box and the Company-Wide Usage box. For more information, see Making Web Site Hosting Files Always Available.

To learn about how to restrict access to files in certain folders, read Restricting Access to File Cabinet Folders. Note that you cannot restrict files on an individual basis.

When you use OneWorld, access to various NetSuite records, including File Cabinet files, can be restricted by subsidiary. For more information, read the following topics:

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