Chart of Account Numbering

Many businesses use standard account numbers and the names of those accounts on their general ledger. You can set up account numbers that appear in your chart of accounts, transactions, and on most financial reports.

When you start to work with NetSuite, account numbers are not enabled. An administrator must enable the preference on the Accounting Preferences page.

To enable account numbers:

  1. Go to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences.

  2. Click the General subtab, check the Use Account Numbers box.

  3. Click Save.

When you enable the account numbers preference, NetSuite inserts standard account numbers before most existing account names, and enables you to enter account numbers for new accounts. Standard account numbering is described below.

For information on how to change these numbers or add numbers to other accounts, see Adding or Changing Account Numbers. For information about creating accounts, see Creating Accounts.

Standard Numbering for Chart of Accounts

When the Use Account Numbers preference is enabled, four-digit account numbers are automatically associated with existing accounts as follows:

Account numbers can be alphanumeric with a maximum of 60 characters.


If you are importing account data and must map CSV fields to NetSuite fields, see Importing CSV Files with the Import Assistant.

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