Viewing the Chart of Accounts

The chart of accounts for your company lists all of the accounts set up to use in the general ledger for your NetSuite account. The chart of accounts page displays the account number, account name, account type, description, and balance for each account. It also indicates whether an account is a summary account. Summary accounts display a read-only state in the Inactive column.

If you use the Multiple Currencies feature, this page adds columns displaying the base currency and foreign currency balance and displays the base currency balance in the balance column. If no foreign currency amount affects an account balance, the base currency amount is displayed in both the balance and foreign currency balance columns.


In a past release, the capabilities associated with the Multiple Currencies, Multi-Currency Customers, and Multi-Currency Vendors features were combined in the Multiple Currencies feature. If you are new to NetSuite, already using all three features, or not using all three features, only the Multiple Currencies box appears on the Company subtab of the Enable Features page. You can enable or disable this feature. When you enable this feature, you gain access to support for multiple currency customers and vendors. If you are already using Multiple Currencies and Multi-Currency Customers or Multi-Currency Vendors but not all three features, all three check boxes appear on the Company subtab. Regardless of the number of check boxes visible in your account, the purpose associated with these three features remains the same.


You cannot customize the account list on the Chart of Accounts page. For example, you cannot display a list of accounts grouped by their parent account. You can, however, create a search display a list of account-specific values such as the Internal ID of an account. For an overview topic about searching in NetSuite and references to defining various searches, see Search Overview.

To view the chart of accounts:

  1. Go to Lists > Accounting > Accounts.

  2. Click any of the following:

    • Edit next to an account to edit that account record. (if available)

    • An account name to view the account register.

    • Show Inactives to view a list of both active and inactive accounts.

    • New to create a new account.

    • Print icon to print the chart of accounts.

    • Export - CSV or Export - Microsoft Excel icons to export the chart of accounts to a file.

For information about editing accounts, see Making Changes to Accounts.

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