Inventory Replenishment and Withdrawal

When you stock and sell inventory in multiple warehouses and locations, it is important to be sure that your inventory is in the optimal location.

Moving items between retail locations or between storage and retail locations can help you have the right items in the right place at the right time. Merchandise planners can increase efficiency by reviewing the current inventory levels at each store and warehouse location to plan the right quantity to move at the right time, then moving merchandise where it is needed most.

For example, during peak season for an item, you can transfer inventory to have stock where it is needed. In the Spring season, you can move swimsuits out of warehouse storage and into retail locations, because swimsuit stock is in higher demand during that time of year.

Later, at the end of the Summer season to sell swimsuits, a retailer can withdraw swimsuit stock from the retail location to store them in a centralized warehouse, freeing up shelf space for product more appropriate to the season. Keeping an item stocked at a retail location has a high holding cost compared to storing the item in a warehouse, so withdrawing inventory can help keep costs down.

Use the following forms to move items between retail locations or between storage and retail locations:

Replenish Inventory

Move inventory between locations by creating inventory transfers or transfer orders.

Withdraw Inventory

Pull inventory out of a location by creating an inventory withdrawal.

To learn more, see Withdrawing Inventory.

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Inventory Replenishment and Withdrawal

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