Site Builder Web Site Content Manager

You can use the Web Site Content Manager to quickly add or edit the content in your Site Builder site. Go to Commerce > Site Builder > Content Management > Content Manager.

From a single page in NetSuite, the Content Manager lets you create tabs, categories, item records. You can also organize these elements across multiple Site Builder websites.


Access to hosted content is not available from the Content Manager. For more information, see Website Hosting with Site Builder.

Use the Content Manager to edit and organize the following elements in a Site Builder site:

content manager screen with numbered labels




Enter a keyword and click the search icon to find a tab, category, item or form.


To create a new record using the Content Manager, click on the type of content your want to add. When you click Save, the new content is added to the left pane.


The right pane displays a list of the records that you viewed most recently.


Click + or – to expand or collapse sections. Click the name of a tab, category or item to open it on the right.


Click UNCATEGORIZED ITEMS to view a list of items that are set to display online, but not yet published in a category.

You can customize the form you use to edit and create items in the Web Site Content Manager. This is useful for viewing only the fields you need while working in the Content Manager. Someone with the Administrator role can complete this task.

To customize the item form for the Web Site Content Manager:

  1. Go to Customization > Forms > Entry Forms.

  2. Click Customize next to either Standard Manager Non-Inventory Part Form or Standard Non-Inventory Part Form.

  3. Enter a name for your custom form.

  4. Use the Subtabs, Fields, and Lists subtabs to determine what can be edited, viewed, or mandatory for item records in the Content Manager. You can also choose to rename fields, lists or subtabs.

    For example, on the Subtabs subtab, you might decide not to show in the Inventory subtab and on the Fields subtab, you might decide to make the Search Keywords field mandatory.

  5. Leave the Use for Manager box checked to make this form the default form in the Content Manager. To make this form available as a choice in the Content Manager but not the default, clear this box.

  6. Leave the Web Site Content Manager Only box checked to make this form only available for item records being accessed in the Content Manager. Clear this box to make the form available in the Custom Form field on item records accessed from the main items list, as well as in the Content Manager.

    Do not check the Form is Preferred box. Checking this box makes it the preferred form for all item records, including the regular items list.

  7. Click Save.

For more information about using item records, publishing forms and images, see Site Builder Items, Forms, & Images.

For more information about organizing the catalog of products for your Site Builder site, see Site Builder Tabs & Categories.

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