Creating Multiple Websites


From 2020.2 onwards, the Multiple Website feature is automatically enabled for all accounts. You no longer need to enable it and it is not possible to disable it. However, you may need additional site licences to create more than one website.

You can create more than one website in your NetSuite account, each with its own branding, look, and feel. Each site can have a separate URL, separate items, and separate shopping carts. In addition, each site can have a different source. For example, one site can be an HTML site you host from NetSuite, one can be a NetSuite-generated site with some of your items, and one site can be an external catalog site that links to a NetSuite shopping cart.

The following is shared between all websites and cannot be changed on a per-site basis:

You can view a list of all your websites on the Set Up Web Site page. You can use this page to create a new site, or edit preferences on an existing site.


You may need to purchase additional website licences to set up more than one website.

To set up more websites:

  1. Go to Commerce > Websites > New.

  2. Under Site Builder, click Start Set Up.

  3. In the Display Name field, enter a display name as the published name to your site.

  4. In the Internal Name field, enter a name for your site that will show in lists and fields in your NetSuite account. Having a different internal name can be useful if you need to note in the name what the site is used for or if you want to publish two sites with the same name that are different internally.

  5. Before setting other preferences, click Save. This saves your site in your account and lets you select the new site name when setting up your URL on the domains page.

  6. Set up your domain name for this site at Commerce > Hosting > Domains. Make sure to select your new site name in the Web Site column.

    For more information on settling up domains, see Domain Setup Checklist.

  7. Return to Commerce > Websites > Website List.

  8. Click Edit next to the site name.

  9. You can now set preferences specific to this site, such as theme, logo, and language.

    For more information on setting preferences for a site, see the list of related topics at the bottom of this page.

  10. Click Save when you have finished setting preferences.

You can now add content to this site. For more information, see Publishing Content with Multiple Websites. See also, Creating Hosting Root Folders for Multiple Websites.

For instructions on publishing an item on the home page of your website, see Featuring Items.

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