Setting Up Your Site Builder Site

After you set preferences, you can start building your Site Builder website. The setup tasks listed below only apply to Site Builder sites:


CDN services are not supported for Site Builder websites.

  1. Use the Content Manager to set up tabs and categories.

    Read Site Builder Web Site Content Manager to learn about adding content to your Site Builder Website.

  2. Set up your shopping domain.

    Site Builder sites that use custom domain names on shopping pages are required to set up a Primary Web Site URL. For more information, see Domains.

  3. Preview your website.

    To learn how to view your site, read Previewing Your Site Builder Website.

  4. Set up the page where customers can register on your site.

    You can customize the login and registration paged for your Site Builder web store. For more information, see Customizing Registration for Your Site Builder Web Store.

  5. Set your website home page.

    Select the landing page (or home page) of your Site Builder website. For more information, see Setting Up Your Site Builder Home Page.

  6. To customize the shopping cart and checkout, see Customizing the Shopping Cart in Site Builder and Customizing Checkout in Site Builder.

The following are optional setup tasks for Site Builder, depending on the features and preferences you have enabled in your account:

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