Setting up Multiple Currencies in a Site Builder Web Store

You can display and sell website items in any currency you set up in NetSuite. First, your customers choose their currencies on your website. Then, all prices are automatically updated to display your customers' preferences.

You can use this feature on a Site Builder website. Also, you must have the Multi-Currency feature turned on. To do this, go to Setup > Enable Features > Company. Check the Multi-Currency box, and click Save.

Then, navigate to Commerce > Websites > Website List and click Edit next to the website you want to modify. On the Appearance subtab, check the box next to Show Web Site Currency, and click Save.

Checking this box will display a currency selector in your web store. The first time customers visit your site, they can select a currency. This will convert all prices in your store to the currency they select. This includes prices in the shopping cart, checkout sequence, and in the Customer Center.


After a customer selects a currency and completes a transaction, that customer must use the same currency on all subsequent transactions.

You can set different currencies to display on different web Sites.

To set currencies for display on multiple websites:

  1. Go to Commerce > Websites > Website List.

  2. Click Edit next to the site you want to work with.

  3. Click the Shopping subtab, and scroll to the bottom of the page.

  4. In the Online column, mark the currencies you want to display on the website.

  5. In the Default column, mark the currency which is the default for this site. This currency will automatically display in the Currency portlet on the web store, if the shopper does not select a different currency.

  6. You can set a Minimum Order Amount for any of the currencies displayed on your site. Shoppers are not allowed to complete checkout unless the total price of the items in their cart is equal to or greater than the minimum order amount set here.

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