Site Builder Customization

There are different levels of customization available for NetSuite Site Builder based on the features you have enabled in your account.

Basic Customization

Along with the Web Site and Web Store features, NetSuite Site Builder provides a set of basic site themes and layouts you can mix and match. You can change color themes, post saved search results on your site and add links, allowing shoppers to share information about the products you sell.

For basic customization, knowledge of HTML is not required. Read the topics below for more information:

Advanced Site Customization

To use HTML for customizing your Site Builder website, turn on the Advanced Site Customization feature at Setup > Company > Enable Features on the Web Presence subtab. With Advanced Site Customization, you can modify the HTML in site themes and layouts, and customize the text that appears on your website in messages, email and other areas. Read the topics below for more information:

NetSuite provides website tags so you can combine your custom HTML with elements of the NetSuite web store interface (such as tabs and page layout) and objects from your NetSuite account, such as items and custom fields. For more information, read Web Site Tags and, Displaying Price Levels and Sale Prices.

You can customize Website URL Parameters to link to various pages or pass parameters such as promotion codes or currency values in your NetSuite website or store.

You also have the option to create your own HTML website pages, host them in NetSuite, and use the NetSuite shopping cart and checkout. For more information, see Website Hosting with Site Builder.

Site Scripting

You can use SuiteScript to customize your Site Builder and your SuiteCommerce Advanced web store.

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