Scriptable Cart

Web store merchants and SuiteScript developers can use SuiteScript to invoke client scripts on the sales order form used for web orders. Note, that SuiteScript is not available for use in web store registration. You can use an SSP application to customize a website registration page. For more information, see SSP Application Overview.

To use Scriptable Cart, an administrator must enable the following features: Advanced Site Customization, and Client SuiteScript.


SuiteScript 2.1 client scripts are not currently supported in the Scriptable Cart. For more information on SuiteScript 2.1, see SuiteScript 2.1.

Getting Started with Scriptable Cart

To get started with Scriptable Cart:

  1. First determine what you want to achieve in the shopping cart.

    The topic, Sample Scripts for Scriptable Cart includes several sample scripts for various web store shopping scenarios. You can use the sample scripts provided and substitute data from your account.

  2. Write the script.

    Read SuiteScript for Scriptable Cart for information regarding the client and user event functions you can use in scripts deployed in the web store shopping cart.

    Read Creating Customer-Facing Messages from Scriptable Cart to understand options for communicating with visitors on your website using website tags created specifically for Scriptable Cart.

  3. Test your script.

    NetSuite recommends that you test your script thoroughly before releasing it on your web store shopping cart. For more information, see Testing and Debugging Scriptable Cart.

  4. Deploy your script to the shopping cart.

    For more information, see Deploying and Running Scriptable Cart.

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