SuiteScript 2.1

A new version of SuiteScript, SuiteScript 2.1, is now available. This new version uses a different runtime engine than SuiteScript 2.0, includes new language capabilities and functionality, and supports all script types.

SuiteScript 2.1 supports features planned for future editions of the ECMAScript specification using ES.Next. ES.Next introduces several new language features that you can use in your SuiteScript 2.1 scripts. For example, ES.Next introduces the spread operator, which lets an iterable element spread or expand inside a receiver. You can use the spread operator to spread the values from two Objects into one new Object. For more information about other powerful new language features supported in SuiteScript 2.1, see SuiteScript 2.1 Language Examples.

SuiteScript 2.0 is based on the ECMAScript 5.1 (ES5.1) edition of the specification and does not support the language capabilities included in the current edition or future editions using ES.Next. For more information about ECMAScript, see JavaScript language resources.

A few notes:

For more information about how to execute your script as a SuiteScript 2.1 script, see Executing Scripts Using SuiteScript 2.1.

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