SuiteScript 2.x API Introduction

You can use NetSuite's scripting language, SuiteScript, to extend and customize, search, and process your NetSuite data. SuiteScript enables full-featured application-level scripting capabilities that support sophisticated procedural logic for both client and server scripts, as well as robust debugging.

The latest major version, SuiteScript 2.0, extends the capabilities provided by the initial SuiteScript version with an API architecture familiar to JavaScript developers. SuiteScript 2.x refers to the latest minor version of SuiteScript. As of this release, the most recent minor version of SuiteScript is 2.1. For more information about SuiteScript 2.1 and SuiteScript versioning, see SuiteScript 2.1, Executing Scripts Using SuiteScript 2.1, and SuiteScript Versioning Guidelines.

SuiteScript 2.x's modularity supports encapsulation, provides intuitive code organization, and ensures there are no global variable or method naming conflicts. Automatic dependency management enables you to concentrate on logic instead of dependencies and load order. SuiteScript 2.x is designed to support all standard JavaScript. The supplied SuiteScript 2.x APIs give you programmatic access to NetSuite functionality. For generic logic, you can use custom modules to load your preferred third party JavaScript APIs.

SuiteScript 2.x API enhances the APIs supported by the previous SuiteScript version with APIs for SFTP file transfer, data caching, search pagination, flat file streaming, and enhanced encryption, decryption, and hashing. SuiteScript 2.x also provides asynchronous processing through promises, map/reduce scripts that provide a structured framework for server scripts processing a large number of records, and support for all HTTP content types.

The following help topics show how to write scripts using the SuiteScript 2.x API:

SuiteScript 2.x Hello World
SuiteScript 2.x Script Basics
SuiteScript 2.x Anatomy of a Script
SuiteScript 2.x Script Creation Process
SuiteScript 2.x Advantages
SuiteScript 2.x Terminology
SuiteScript 2.x Developer Resources
SuiteScript Reserved Words

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