Creating Hosting Root Folders for Multiple Websites

To organize files more efficiently, you can create a hosting root folder for each of your websites. After you associate a domain with a hosting root, each file in the root folder generates a unique URL that includes the domain.

To create an additional website hosting folder:

  1. Go to Commerce > Hosting > Website Hosting Files.

  2. Click New Folder.

    1. Name the folder for the hosting root or website you are creating.

    2. Accept the default value in the Sub-Folder of field. The default setting is Web Site Hosting Files.

    3. Click Save.

  3. Upload files to the folder you created in Step 2. You can also create a sub folder for image files in this hosting root.

  4. To associate the website domain name with your new hosting root folder, go to Commerce > Hosting > Domains.

    Web Site Domains subtab and the HTML Hosting Root dropdown menu.
    1. Enter a domain name for your website.

    2. Select a hosting root for your website. All the website hosting folders show in the list under HTML Hosting Root.

    3. Click Save.

If you associate a hosting root folder with a domain, the domain is included in the URL generated for each file in that folder. Click Edit next to any file in the hosting root folder to see a list of the URLs you can use to point to that file on any page of your site.

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