Internal IDs Associated with Roles

If you have the Show Internal IDs preference on, you can look up the internal ID of a role by going to Setup > Users/Roles > User Management > Manage Roles (Administrator). The role ID appears in the Internal ID column. For instructions on setting the Show Internal IDs preference, see Setting the Internal ID Preference.


The administrator role is not displayed in the Manage Roles page. The internal ID for the administrator role is 3 in every NetSuite account.

For information about the permissions associated with standard roles, see Standard Roles Permissions Table.

You can use the internal IDs of roles in the Passport object, which is used for authentication. For information about the available authentication methods, see Authentication for SOAP Web Services.


In addition to the NetSuite standard roles, there may exist custom roles that have been created by your organization. Custom roles are assigned internal IDs sequentially (starting with 1001).

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