Roles and Permissions in SOAP Web Services

NetSuite provides many standard roles with predefined permissions. A role is a set of permissions that allows customers, vendors, partners and employees access to specific aspects of your data. Each role grants access at a certain level for each permission.

When logging in using SOAP web services you may provide a role id along with your credentials. The role id that you provide must have SOAP web services permissions, otherwise an INSUFFICIENT_PERMISSION error is returned. If no role id is provided, then the user's default role is used. If the default role does NOT have SOAP web services permissions, then a ROLE_REQUIRED fault is returned.

The following topics are provided in this section. They do not need to be read in order. However if you are new to NetSuite SOAP web services, you should read each topic to understand how NetSuite roles and permissions apply in a SOAP web services context.

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