Assigning the SOAP Web Services Permission to a Role

All standard NetSuite roles have SOAP web services permissions by default. For security reasons, you should restrict permissions levels and access allowing only the most restricted permissions necessary to perform a particular set of operations.

For non-standard or custom roles, use these steps to assign the SOAP web services permission to the role.

To assign the SOAP Web Services permission to a role:

  1. Go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles.

  2. Locate the role you want to modify. Click Edit or Customize.

  3. Click the Setup subtab.

  4. In the Permissions dropdown list, select SOAP Web Services.

  5. In the Level dropdown list, select Full.


    Users with a SOAP Web Services permission level other than Full (View, Create, Edit) cannot log in to SOAP web services. The Full level is required. Also note that the SOAP Web Services permission does not provide access to the SOAP Web Services Usage Log or to integration records; only administrators can access these pages. For details on the SOAP Web Services Usage Log, see Using the SOAP Web Services Usage Log. For details on working with integration records, see SOAP Web Services Security.

  6. Click Add.

  7. Click Save.

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