User Defined Lists

In SOAP web services, many fields require internal ID values that correspond to an item in a user-defined list. To locate the internal ID of a specific value in a user-defined list, you must have the Show Internal IDs preference enabled in your account. For details, see Setting the Show Internal IDs Preference.

After enabling the Show Internal IDs preference, you can then navigate to the appropriate list within NetSuite. The internal ID values (also referred to as nsKeys) are displayed for each list item.

For example, the Status (entityStatus) field on the customer record takes an internal ID value from the Customer Status list, which is a user-defined list located at Setup > Sales > Customer Statuses. If you navigate to this page in NetSuite, you can see the internal ID values for each item in the column called Internal ID (see figure).

The internal IDs of customer statuses in the UI.

Some user-defined lists can also be edited through SOAP web services to modify the values for the list. For details, see Other Lists.

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