Contacts represent people or companies that you deal with in the daily activity of your business. Use the contact record to create, modify, or delete contacts and associate a contact to a parent record. For information about working with this record in the UI, see Contacts.

The contact record is defined in the listRel (relationship) XSD.

Supported Operations

The following operations can be used to manipulate the contact record.

add | addList | attach / detach | delete | deleteList | get | getDeleted | getList | getSavedSearch | getSelectValue | search | searchMoreWithId | update | updateList | upsert | upsertList


You can also use the asynchronous equivalents of SOAP web services list operations. For information about asynchronous operations, see SOAP Web Services Asynchronous Operations. For more information about request processing, see Synchronous Versus Asynchronous Request Processing.

Field Definitions

The SOAP Schema Browser includes definitions for all body fields, sublist fields, search filters, and search joins available to this record. For details, see the SOAP Schema Browser’s contact reference page.


For information about using the SOAP Schema Browser, see SOAP Schema Browser.

Usage Notes

Working with Contact Sublists

The SOAP Schema Browser includes all sublists (lists) associated with the contact record. See the following information for usage notes regarding specific contact lists. Note that usage notes are not provided for every list type.


The addressBookList field is a list field that lets you provide multiple addresses for a contact. These fields are all mapped to the Address tab in the UI.

When you work with the addressbookList in the 2009.2 endpoint and beyond, be sure to use internalId as the key. Do not use label. For the 2009.1 and lower endpoints, the addressbookList is not a keyed sublist, but you can use label to identify records.

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