Item Search

Most item record types use the ItemSearch complex type for search. The basic element in ItemSearch references ItemSearchBasic, which lists all of the filter fields available when searching items.

The ItemSearch record also lists all search joins available in an item search. For details, see the SOAP Schema Browser’s ItemSearch reference page. The ItemSearch complex type is defined in the lists accounting XSD.

Be aware that the search filter fields available vary depending on the item type you are searching. For example, not all of the search filter fields defined in ItemSearchBasic exist on the Subtotal Item record.


By default, only a record's body fields are returned on a search. If you want to return the information specified on a record's sublist, you must set the bodyFieldsOnly element of the SearchPreferences type to false. For general information on searching in SOAP web services, see search.

For more details on this search type, see the following topics:

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