Importing Pricing Data for Items

The way you import prices varies depending on the features enabled in your account. If your account uses Multiple Prices, Quantity Pricing, or Multiple Currencies, you use the Item Pricing sublist. Otherwise, your pricing data is fairly simple, and you map prices using the Purchase Price body field. This topic deals primarily with the Item Pricing sublist.

When using the sublist, be aware of the following:

Keys for Item Pricing Sublist

The import of pricing sublist data for items is supported when one or more of the following features are enabled: Multiple Currencies, Multiple Prices, or Quantity Pricing.

The Import Assistant can selectively update existing NetSuite records that match CSV file key field values. The key for this sublist's records is based on a unique field value or a unique combination of field values, depending on the enabled features. The following table describes possible key combinations.

Enabled Features

Key Fields

Multiple Currencies only


Multiple Currencies, Multiple Prices

combination of Currency, Level

Multiple Currencies, Quantity Pricing

combination of Currency, Quantity

Multiple Currencies, Multiple Prices, Quantity Pricing

combination of Currency, Level, Quantity

Multiple Prices only


Multiple Prices, Quantity Pricing

combination of Level, Quantity

Quantity Pricing Only


Formatting for Item Pricing CSV Files

The formatting of CSV import files differs for multiple file and single file uploads of item pricing data. It may also vary depending on the features enabled in your account. To see how you might set up your files, refer to Imports Using Multiple Price Levels and Quantities Example and Imports Using Quantity Pricing Schedules Example.

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