Item Record Types that Can Be Imported

The Items import type provides the ability to import the following NetSuite items record types, as shown in the Record Type dropdown list on the first page of the Import Assistant.


For OneWorld accounts, the import of inventory item historical data dated prior to the date of the OneWorld upgrade in your account is not supported. To maintain accurate inventory information, you should import only data that is dated later than the OneWorld upgrade and initial Multi-Location Inventory distribution.


You can use the Import Assistant to import matrix options for Inventory Item, Non-Inventory Item, and Service Item imports, but you need to use the NetSuite user interface to set up possible matrix options as custom lists and custom item fields before you can complete an import of matrix item options. For information about importing matrix options for items, see Importing Matrix Options for Items. For general information about matrix items in NetSuite, see Matrix Items.

For details about fields that can be mapped in item records, refer to the SOAP Schema Browser, which includes a reference page for supported item types. You can use the field definitions here as a basis for creating your own CSV import template file. For information about working with the SOAP Schema Browser, see SOAP Schema Browser.

The Import Assistant is available at Setup > Import/Export > Import Tasks > Import CSV Records. After you select the record type for import, you choose the import character encoding. For more information, see Select a Record Type for Import and Choose Import Character Encoding.

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