This release note was updated May 20, 2024.

Refer to the following sections for details on SuiteScript updates for NetSuite 2024.1:

2024.1 SuiteScript Records Browser

The 2024.1 SuiteScript Records Browser is not yet available.

Validation Check for Hide in SuiteBundle Preference

As of May 9, 2024, client script files that have the Hide in SuiteBundle preference enabled will receive a validation error in SuiteCloud tools when you run either validation or deployment from your IDE or in the CLI. Client script files that do not have the Hide in SuiteBundle preference enabled but include references to files with the preference enabled, such as library files, will also receive an error.

For more information about hiding and unhiding files in SuiteCloud tools, see Hiding Files in the SuiteApp Type of SuiteCloud Project and Modifying SuiteCloud Project File and Folder Attributes in an XML Definition.

Removal of the Ext JS Library

NetSuite has started the process to remove the unsupported Ext JS library. If your customizations rely on this library's API, despite its lack of support, you should prepare for this removal as soon as possible.

The Ext JS library will be removed before 2025. The removal of the Ext JS library may break external references to it. To use the Ext JS library API with SuiteScript, you need to replace it with your own external instance of the library or adjust your code to function without use of the Ext JS library.

Newly Supported Record Types for SuiteScript

Record Type


Revenue Recognition Field Map

This record is available only when the Advanced Revenue Management (Essentials) feature is enabled.

General Notices