SuiteTalk Web Services Integration

NetSuite 2022.2 includes the following enhancements to web services features:

SOAP Web Services Version 2022.2

SOAP web services version 2022.2 is available. When your implementation is upgraded to 2022.2, the 2022.1 WSDL becomes available in your production account.

You do not need to upgrade your WSDL when the new version is generally available. NetSuite supports each endpoint for three years. For information about the supported generally available versions, see Support for Existing WSDL Versions.

Araxis Merge Diff File for the 2022.2 Endpoint

The Araxis Merge diff file highlights the schema changes between the 2022.1 and 2022.2 endpoints.

About the Araxis Merge Diff File

NetSuite publishes an Araxis Merge diff file for every new endpoint. Depending on the scope of the release, changes described in the Araxis Merge diff file may include:

  • New record types

  • Elements (fields) that have been added, removed, or changed

  • New sublists (lists)

  • New joins

  • New search filters and search return columns

  • New platform operations

Using the Araxis Merge Diff File


The screenshots in this section are for illustrative purposes only. They do not reflect changes related to any specific endpoint.

The Araxis Merge diff file is generated using Araxis Merge. When you click the Araxis Merge diff file link (when it is available), a page appears that offers an overview of all schema changes.

The following screenshot shows how this summary page looks. In this example, the highlighted rows indicate that an XSD has been modified. The integers at the center indicate the number of changed lines in the file. To see the exact differences, click the report link in the column on the right or click the name of the file in either column.

Araxis Merge summary page

When you click any of these links, the Araxis Merge diff file shows a page with two columns. The previous version of the file is displayed on the left and the new version is displayed on the right. Changed elements are highlighted.

For example, the following screenshot shows an excerpt from the report on platform.commonTypes.xsd. Notice the addition of two values to the PermissionCode enumeration: _accessPaymentAuditLog and _advancedPDFHTMLTemplates.

Example showing differences between two files

The Araxis Merge diff file also shows changes to data types. The following screenshot is a snapshot of transactions.sales.xsd. Notice that the chargeType element changed from an enumeration to a RecordRef.

Example showing change to data type

2022.2 SOAP Schema Browser

The 2022.2 version of the SOAP Schema Browser is now available. You can find links to the SOAP Schema Browser in several places, including the following:

General Notices