Working with CRM Tasks

In NetSuite, tasks are records used to track work items that need to be completed within a certain time. Tasks can be assigned to you or to another person in your organization. NetSuite enables you to create two different types of tasks: CRM Tasks and Project Tasks.

CRM Tasks

You can create a task record and assign it to an employee for completion or create a task, and then assign it to yourself as a reminder.

Task page

Each record contains details about the work that needs to be completed. A task shows on your list of tasks until you mark it Completed, or you delete it. For more information, see Creating CRM Task Records.

You can also assign tasks to partners. Go to Lists > Partners, click the partner record you want to work with, and then check the Assign Tasks box on the partner's record. The Assign Tasks box appears only if your administrator has enabled the company general preference Assign Tasks to Partners.

If your administrator has enabled the Time Tracking for CRM feature, you can tack time of tasks records to help you manage your time. For more information, see Tracking Time on CRM Tasks.

CRM tasks may be associated with a project but are not considered part of the project's schedule unless they are explicitly included using the Include CRM Tasks in Project Totals check box. For more information, see Including CRM Tasks in Project Totals.

You can view tasks associated with a customer record in the Tasks portlet of the customer dashboard. For information about displaying CRM Tasks and Project Tasks on your dashboard, see Tasks and Project Tasks Portlets on Your Dashboard. Tasks that are related to one or more customers are displayed in each dashboard’s Activities portlet. If you want to see the list of companies that are related to a task record, go to the Task page through the Task portlet or through Activities > Scheduling > Tasks. Then, go to the Related Records subtab and see the list under Companies and Contacts.

Project Tasks

Use project task records instead of CRM task records to track information for projects. For more information, see Setting Up Project Management.

You can create a project task record only if you use the Project Management feature. Each project task represents an individual work item that must be completed to finish a project, and can only be created on a project record. Project tasks are used to facilitate project planning.

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