Personal Preferences for Activities

Set your personal preferences before you start working with your calendar, and activities such as phone calls and tasks. Here, you can set preferences for sending email invitations, types of reminders, and more. You can also set a default priority for tasks and phone calls. If you use the Outlook Integration feature to synchronize records, you can set a default category for contacts synchronized between Outlook and NetSuite.

Go to Home > Set Preferences, and click the Activities subtab to set any of the preferences in the following table.

The following fields are available, based on the features in your NetSuite account, and the permissions associated with your NetSuite role.

Field Name



Edit Activities from Calendar

Check this box to open events in Edit mode when you click events on your calendar.

Send Invitation Emails

Select recipients for email notification about events.

  • Internally - Send email only to employees and groups of employees in your NetSuite account.

  • To All Invitees - Send email to everyone invited to the event, including customers, contacts, partners, etc.

Restrict Invitees to Employees

Check this box to choose only employees as invitees on event records.

Default Event Access Setting For New Events

Choose an option for Event Access.

Your selection determines how new events appear to others who have access to the calendar where you create events. You can change Event Access at any time on individual event records.

Choose one of the following:

  • Public - Anyone can see public events, tasks, and calls.

  • Private – Only you and your account administrator can see events, tasks, and calls you mark as private. Other invitees with access to your calendar can also see private events.

  • Show as Busy - Events marked to show as busy show on your calendar as unavailable time. The details of these events cannot be seen by anyone except you and your account administrator.

Default Reminder Type

Specify the type of event reminder that you prefer:

  • None – Select this option if you do not want to receive reminders about your calendar events.

  • Popup Window – Select this option if you want to receive calendar reminders in a popup window.

  • Email – Select this option if you want calendar reminders emailed to you.

Default Reminder Time

Select the amount of time before an event when you prefer to receive reminders.

Play Audio with Popup Event Reminders

Check this box to play a sound with popup event reminders. You must have your browser set to play sounds in websites.

Tasks & Phone Calls

Default Priority for Tasks

Select a default priority for new tasks. Priority options include Low, Medium, and High.

You can change the priority for a task in the Priority field on the task record.

Default New Tasks Public

Check this box to make all new tasks public by default.

You can mark a task private by checking the Private Task box on the task record

Default New Phone Calls Public

Check this box to make all phone calls you create public by default.


Default Sync Category

Select the category you want contacts to sync to by default.

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