Personal Preferences for Appearance

In the Appearance subtab, you can set preferences such as color theme, fonts, chart theme, centers and dashboards, and other.

Go to Home > Set Preferences and click the Appearance subtab to set any of the preferences in the following table.

The following fields are available, based on the features in your NetSuite account, and the permissions associated with your NetSuite role.

Field Name



Color Theme

Select a color theme for your NetSuite pages and tabs. Select a color and click Save to determine how the scheme looks on your monitor.

Although you can’t modify or add new color themes, some special themes are available in certain editions of NetSuite in addition to the basic color themes.

  • The US edition has color themes for schools (various colleges and universities) organized by conference.

  • The Canadian edition has color themes for National Hockey League (NHL) teams.

  • The UK edition has color themes for Premier League clubs.


If the Accessibility preference for displaying a theme with optimal color contrast is checked, the Color Theme preference is disabled.


Screen Font

Open Sans is the default font for NetSuite. You may select a different font from the Screen Font dropdown list. Your selection changes the font on your pages only and only for your current role. It does not affect any forms or your website.


To change the size of the font, use your browser zoom controls.

Compensate for Large Fonts

Displays easier-to-read layouts if you have set your computer display to use large fonts.

Register Look on Lists

Check this box to display lists of records and transactions as registers. This setting applies shading every other row in your list, making it easier to read.

Density Setting for Internet Explorer

Select the density of your NetSuite pages. This setting is for Internet Explorer 10 and higher. The options are:

  • Normal – 100% zoom

  • Higher Density – similar to 80% zoom

  • Very High Density – similar to 67% zoom

Other browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, enable you to set the zoom independently for each website.

Chart Themes

Chart Theme

Defines a default appearance for data in all dashboard charts. (Can be overridden in individual portlets.) Options are:

  • Basic – provides limited color contrast (the default)

  • Colorful – provides more color contrast

  • Match Color Theme - Bold – harmonizes with your choices in the Colors section, using bolder shades

  • Match Color Theme - Light – harmonizes with your choices in the Colors section, using lighter shades

A thumbnail is displayed to represent the look of each Chart Theme option.

Chart Background

Defines a default display behind data in all dashboard charts. (Can be overridden in individual portlets.) Options are:

  • Lines (the default setting)

  • Bands

  • Grid

Centers & Dashboards

Use Classic Interface

Check this box to use the Classic Center as your NetSuite interface. When you enable this option, you see the same tabs in NetSuite that the Administrator role does.


This option does not appear when using an Administrator role.

If all users enable this option, they all can see the same tabs and use the same navigation paths.

Note that the functions available to a role do not change according to the interface being used. Only the presentation of tabs and the organization of functions within tabs are affected.

Landing Page

Select the tab that you want to be the first page displayed when you log into your NetSuite account. If you do not make a selection in this dropdown list, your Home page is the initial landing page.

The list of possible landing pages includes all standard tabs and custom tabs in your center.

The page you select here is overridden if your account administrator sets the general company Landing Page preference to use a custom landing page created by a Suitelet.

Show Portlet Hint

Check this box to display a popup notice when slow-loading dashboard portlets time out during dashboard loading.

To improve page load time on the dashboard, minimize the slow-loading portlets.

Set Customer Dashboard as Default View on Customer Record

Check this box to set the customer dashboard view as the default view on customer records.

Entry Forms

Limit Entry Forms to Two Columns

Check this box to limit the columns of fields on entry forms to two columns.

By default, fields on entry forms are arranged in three columns.

Expand Tabs on Entry Forms

Check this box to expand tabs on your NetSuite pages.

Enable Rich Text Editing

Check this box to use the rich text editor in text fields. Each field includes the Formatted Text header with a link you can click to enter HTML Source Code.

The Formatted Text header includes Font, Size, and Color dropdown lists, and a toolbar with text style, alignment, and paragraph format options. Use these tools to format text you enter into the field.

Clear the box to remove the Formatted Text header on text fields.

Default Rich Text Editor Font

Select the default font for rich text editor fields.

Default Rich Text Editor Font Size

Select the default font size for rich text editor fields.

Sublist Column Name Tooltip

Check this box to enable the Inline Editor Sublist Tooltip.

When you are editing a sublist inline and you hover over a cell, the tooltip appears and shows the column name. If a sublist has many lines, you can view the column name when scrolling down the sublist.


Display Default Theme with Optimal Color Contrast

Check this box to display a theme with optimal contrast that can aid users with low vision to view the UI.


If this preference is selected, the Color Theme preference is disabled.

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