Personal Preferences for Telephony

In the Telephony subtab, you can set preferences such as telephony option, TAPI device, and other.

The Telephony subtab appears on the Set Preferences page only if you use the Telephony Integration feature.

To enable the feature an administrator must go to Setup > Company > Enable Features. On the SuiteCloud subtab, in the Integration Add-Ons section, check Telephony Integration, and click Save.

Go to Home > Set Preferences and click the Telephony subtab to set any of the preferences in the following table.

The following fields are available, based on the features in your NetSuite account, and the permissions associated with your NetSuite role.

Field Name


Telephony Option

Select TAPI to use Telephony Integration with a TAPI-enabled phone or software for TAPI integration, such as Artisoft's® TeleVantage.

Select CTI to use a NetSuite partner for integration: Contivio or Five9.

TAPI Device

Enter the name of the TAPI device you use to connect your phone to your computer.


Enter the URL for the CTI partner with whom you have an account.


For more information about setting up partner software to work with NetSuite, refer to the documentation from Contivio or Five9.

Prefix to Dial Out

Enter any numbers that should be dialed before the number in a phone number field.

For example, you may need to dial 9 or 1 before you dial out of your phone system.

If you are using TAPI for telephony integration, follow the additional instructions listed on the Telephony subtab of the Set Preferences page to set up your phone and install the proper drivers.

For more information about using telephony integration, see Using Telephony Integration.

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