Copying reports

If you don’t want to create new reports, you can use those already existing and edit them. Original reports delivered by NetSuite Localization SuiteApps are locked, so it is impossible to modify them. However, it is possible to create their copies and edit them as needed.

To make copies of existing reports:

  1. Go to Reports > Financial > Country-Specific Reports, use the dropdown list to select a report that you would like to copy, and click the Open button next to the dropdown list.

  2. On the report screen, click the Copy Full Report button.

  3. The new report screen appears and the copying process starts. It takes several minutes to accomplish (depending on the number of records related to this particular report). The process status (the number of records already copied) can be seen in the notification in the upper part of the screen. You can use the Reload this page link in this notification to update the progress.

  4. Once all related records are successfully copied and the whole process is over, a new notification appears in the upper part of the screen. It informs you if the process has been successful or not. You will also receive an email notification.

  5. If the copied report has been created successfully, you can start editing its records straight away.

Instructions and recommendations for copying reports

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