Correcting a Damaged Custom Segment

A custom segment can sometimes become corrupted if any of its required components are missing. A completely defined custom segment must contain one custom record component, and one each of the following five custom field component types: Body, Column, Entity, Event, and Item. For information about the components of a custom segment, see Creating a Custom Segment

If any components are missing from the custom segment, you receive a segment corrupted error on the Custom Segment configuration page. However, you can continue to use the custom segment configuration page with limited operations available. As of 2020.1 if you installed a custom segment from a bundle and it is damaged, you can reinstall the bundle to correct the error. If you created a custom segment manually and it is damaged, delete the custom segment definition and recreate it.

When you edit the definition of a corrupted custom segment, only the Cancel button is available. Depending on your permissions, the Delete button may also be available.

If a form or applied record accesses a corrupted custom segment, you can save or view the record without the custom segment value .

For more information about custom segments, see Custom Segments.

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